Sitto’s Cellar Pantry

Published September 29, 2017

Sitto’s cellar pantry was such a fascinating place for me when I was a young girl. I’d go down those steps with her and see all those pottery jars lined up. They were always filled with the grape leaves that she picked in spring and were now in brine for winter meals, her pickled vegetables, along with #Syrian String Cheese and #Labneh, that delicious yogurt cheese. The old-timers would roll their yogurt cheese in oil and have it on hand for quick snacks or their Mezze tables. The memory of her cellar stays with me because it was just the place to discover those delicious homemade foods that Sitto had prepared for us to enjoy!

When I tried my own hand at Yogurt Cheese, called Labneh in #Arabic, I was amazed again at how versatile and low-calorie it was! The simple method of draining the homemade, good quality whole milk yogurt and then spreading the savory version on bread or crackers is just delicious! And making the sweetened version for breakfast or as a filling adds a unique taste to your baked goods. And as a sweet snack, you’ll find that youngsters love it slathered on bread instead of cream cheese. Try this simple and healthful #MiddleEastern snack! Find the easy how-to on page 17 of Sitto’s Kitchen II Cookbook.