Kibbe Nai, a Middle Eastern Mezze Favorite!

Published October 11, 2017

So many years ago, I can remember Sitto serving Kibbe Nai, that marvelous Lamb Tartar that I ate as a child! Being of #MiddleEastern descent, I was a little gourmet and didn’t know it!

I have fond memories of those wonderful tables set for family and guests, called the Mezze table. Kibbe Nai was always the star! And at those special church events in winter, like our Haflas, I can remember it was always prepared by the ladies who cooked and baked for those special evenings at St. Ann’s Church Hall. How fortunate we were that those talented #Syrian women spent hours making all of those delights, such tasty reminders of the “old country” and its traditions!

On the Mezze or Appetizer table, the Kibbe Nai was often drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with ground cumin and chopped fresh mint or parsley…and always with green or raw onions and #Syrian bread as an accompaniment. This dish, always a big favorite, was gobbled up immediately!

Some have commented that, in today’s world, eating raw meat is not considered good sense. In those days, our neighborhood ethnic butcher was always a trusted source for all things Syrian or Lebanese. Today, we have to be assured of our source and thus it is served less. As I wrote the cookbooks, I wanted to make sure that these old traditional dishes were not lost to the younger #Arab children. This heritage, like all others, is to be remembered and cherished.