Sitto’s Kitchen Tools are Reminders

Published October 19, 2017

As I rummage through my cabinets, finding the right pot or kitchen tool in preparation for a family meal, I keep finding reminders of Sitto. And as I reach for these precious implements, pots and pans that she used each day, my memory of her is as distinct as it was years ago as I sat at her kitchen table.

Sometimes, I’d help her shell walnuts, peel some garlic, or I’d get something from the basement cold pantry for her. She’d point out these pots and pans to me, telling me whose they were and what she used them for…like Sitto Lucy’s porcelain pans…so old, from the turn of the last century, chipped here and there, but still intact. The squash and sausage tools, her Mortar and Pestle, which she called her “Hehwan”…used every day to mash garlic and salt together, adding mint, until it was a paste to be added to the simmer.

Today, I see these reminders all around me as I tell my own children how long these pans and tools have been in the family. In fact, my Mom put notes in some of these pots and bowls when she handed them over to me. She made me promise to keep them safe for my own children and grandchildren. I hardly needed her reminder! You see, it’s not the value of the pot or the funnel…it’s who held it and what they meant to us. They are our ancestors, the keepers of the flame, our history, the traditions brought from far away in #Aleppo,#Syria, in the hearts and minds of those who came before us.

And so, as I pick them up to use them, I can’t help but get a little emotional sometimes, knowing my #Syrian Sitto fed us all with them and I’m so pleased to be able to carry on.