Sitto’s Kahek, Breakfast Biscuits

Published October 22, 2017

Sitto’s Kahek, with its #Aleppo spices, is wonderfully fragrant! Thinking back, I recall that if I was fortunate enough to rush into her kitchen after school while she baked these biscuits, I’d be rewarded with a warm crunchy one, right from the oven. Sitto’s whole kitchen would be filled with the delectable aroma of these Breakfast Biscuits! She’d take a small ball of dough and roll it into a cigar shape and then form a bracelet, overlapping the ends to seal it. I’d watch as she put each batch into the oven, marveling at how adept she was. When they were almost baked, I remember that she’d give them a minute or two under the broiler so they’d have a nice golden tinge of color.

These Breakfast Biscuits are crunchy and reminiscent of so many of the Middle Eastern spices that I enjoyed while growing up. Years later, I realized that there’s not a country in the Middle East that does not have their own version of these breakfast biscuits. In fact, they are so popular that they are considered a typical snack, even street food! Each region in the Levant has their own special way of adding the spices that make it their own. In fact, I don’t think you’ll find one city that makes it exactly the same as the neighboring one! Sitto’s Aleppo version used Fennel, Anise and Nigella seeds and the dough would be scented with Mahlab, that wondrous spice grown only in the Middle East!

These delicious Kahek, Sitto Naima’s Breakfast Biscuits, were my after-school, sugarless treat. Today, they are my adult coffee and snack of choice! They’re best for breakfast, but you’ll find that they are a delicious nibble any time of day! Find Sitto’s Kahek recipe on page 23 in “An Aleppo Breakfast” section of the cookbook.