Baking with Phyllo Dough Is No Mystery!

Published November 8, 2017

It’s no mystery baking with Phyllo Dough, although many think it is! Years ago, in my grandmother’s time, the women of #Aleppo would make their own Phyllo, that paper-thin dough which baked to a many-layered, wafer-thin and crispy delight! It is included in so much of our #Syrian baking. Most people know the most common Phyllo sweet called Baklava, that universally loved dessert known throughout Syria and the Middle East! For this reason, I’ve included many more rich and decadent Phyllo desserts in both cookbooks. But after thumbing through the cookbook, you’ll find that this versatile ingredient can be wrapped around all manner of fillings from sweet to savory.

You may think this is a really challenging way to bake. It once was, but today you don’t have to make your own Phyllo Dough! It’s as simple as finding it in your grocer’s freezer. Once defrosted, these sheets of dough can produce so many incredible Middle Eastern dishes like these Phyllo wrapped Meat-Filled Finger Rolls found on page 48 of Sitto’s Kitchen II cookbook.

I think this savory appetizer is one of the more unique recipes in the cookbook. These delicious Phyllo rolls are filled with a fragrant mixture of tamarind flavored ground lamb, onions, tomato, pine nuts and that unique #Aleppo spice called Datah. This spice, like all that are mentioned in the cookbooks, is found in the Glossary and the Where To Buy It section to help you find it. If you prefer to blend your own, like many Syrian cooks, I’ve even added the recipe for this Syrian Spice Blend on page 62.

Once the filling is made, you’ll find that the Phyllo wrap will be quick. In fact, the best part of this recipe is that it is so easy to work with because the instructions are simple, without the challenge of the more exotic Phyllo pastry dishes. This memorable appetizer will be so delicious and unique for your next party or Mazzeh table!