The Kitchen is Still a Good Place to Learn!

Published November 27, 2017

I know that I’ve talked about all that I’ve learned in Sitto’s kitchen. As a young girl, I enjoyed so many #Aleppo sweets that I watched my grandmother make. But there were times, when visiting friends or family, that I realized that the kitchen is still a good place to learn!

And that brought to mind a lovely memory for me. I remember that years ago, as a young married, I happened to be at our family friend, Zeheda’s, house while she was making this wonderful #Syrian dessert in her kitchen. As a grandmother, she had made this dessert many times before. When I asked about it, she was so sweet and generously gave me tips on how to make the pudding creamier. As I watched her, I learned her best tip and it’s something I do to this day. She showed me how to temper the egg before adding it to the simmering pudding so that it didn’t “scramble” while the hot pudding was cooking. It was a revelation to me as a “new cook!” That particular day stays in my memory as a gift from a wonderful seasoned cook, who took the time to pass on her experience to me. She was a delightful and soft-spoken lady, and so loved by her family and friends. It taught me that if I can pass on any good cooking knowledge to those younger than me, then I should! Thanks Zeheda!

In our family, this dessert always brings raves and happy smiles to all. Baked Pudding Dessert, French Style, is called Butlawa Frengia in #Arabic. The pudding is made ahead and chilled, then cut into diamond shapes, topped with pats of butter and baked to a golden brown. Immediately upon removing from the oven, it’s sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, and served warm.

Zeheda’s tip, along with the recipe for this traditional Syrian dessert is on page 148 of Sitto’s Kitchen II cookbook.