Kibbe, Sannieyeh Style!

Published December 15, 2017

Sitto made Kibbe in so many ways…but when she made it in the pan, Sannieyeh style, I always thought she could feed an army! Once the family sat down to this wonderful #Syrian Stuffed Pan Meatloaf, it quickly disappeared! The basic Kibbe Nai recipe, called Lamb Tartar, is patted into the bottom of a baking pan and covered with Hashweh, her Meat Filling. Sitto would then add a top layer of Kibbe, score it into diamond shapes, butter and bake it to a golden brown crunchy goodness.

Sitto Naima’s Hashweh, her Meat Filling, is so exceptional with its hint of tamarind syrup mixed into the spices and nuts. It’s one of the many traditional Aleppo recipes that gave this city its renowned and remarkable cuisine. In fact, I’ve been told that the spices and tamarind are the distinguishable differences in this city’s much-loved dishes!

This oven version of Kibbe B’Sannieyeh is so great for working Moms to prepare ahead and then just bake for an easy supper. It’s impossible to taste this and not know that years of good cooking made this a tradition for these #Syrian cooks!

Find the recipes for the Lamb Tartar, Meat Filling, Tamarind Syrup and many other Aleppo foods in Sitto’s Kitchen and Sitto’s Kitchen II Cookbooks.