Spinach Phyllo Triangles

Published April 19, 2018

These delicious Spinach Phyllo Triangles are a great favorite of our family! We’ve enjoyed these crispy traditional Middle Eastern appetizers as a light lunch or as a party favorite for our Mezze table. You’ll be surprised to know that baking with Phyllo dough is simpler than it looks. Phyllo dough sheets (found in your grocer’s freezer) are very forgiving and the results are always spectacular! This healthy spinach filling, blended with feta cheese, onions and Aleppo spices can be prepared ahead. In fact, you can even make these triangles and freeze them unbaked, ready to bake and serve when you need them for your dinner appetizers or for unexpected guests. They are also great as a Vegetarian bite for those who prefer a meatless dish.

I know that many may find that Phyllo dough is too challenging to try. You may be surprised to hear that Syrian cooks and bakers have used this thin dough for generations, knowing its versatility lends itself to many different fillings, either savory or sweet. In fact, there are five recipes in Sitto’s Kitchen and Sitto’s Kitchen II Cookbooks using this paper-thin dough, in the Appetizers as well as the Pastries and Sweets chapters. You’ll find these recipes are easy to follow and concise. Once you find that you’ve made one of these baked Phyllo recipes, you’ll be eager to try a few more and may even get adventuresome and add your own favorite fillings!

Spinach Phyllo Triangles can be found on page 46 of Sitto’s Kitchen II cookbook. Give them a try and they’ll become your family’s favorite too!