Cooking Is Love!

Published April 26, 2019

Sitto taught me something I carry with me always….that Cooking Is Love! My grandmother was always there for us in tough times. Thinking back to those earliest of days, her Syrian cooking kept our kitchen table surrounded by happy and smiling family faces throughout my childhood!

It was about 1915 when Sitto and Gido first began their married life together in their brand-new country, America. They lived near their church, the center of our Syrian community, as it was the only reminder of the country they had left behind in #Aleppo, Syria. How hard that must have been for them, with Sitto having five children and Gido working as a laborer. Sitto was widowed at just forty years old but she went on to nurture and comfort children and grandchildren all those many years later.

When I got old enough to realize what she had done for us by her example, I came to appreciate one of the many things that keep a family together. That’s the gathering together to break bread, to enjoy the traditions our grandparents had brought with them from Syria to celebrate our heritage, foods and religion. That’s why I believe that cooking is love!

Bulgar Wheat with Chick Peas and Onions, called Burghul Ma’Hummus in #Arabic, is one of the hearty immigrant dishes that was enjoyed by us all. This healthy grain, a staple in all of the Middle East, was on Sitto’s table every week. I grew to love it any way she prepared it. Of course, the rewarding part of the dish are the caramelized onions which top the dish upon serving it. Don’t miss that step, as for some people, it’s the best part. I know your family will enjoy this simple and satisfying dish on page 122 of Sitto’s Kitchen II Cookbook. Sahtein!