Syrian Spice Blend

Published May 29, 2019

Why not make your own Syrian Spice Blend? The wonderful aroma and distinctive taste of this savory, somewhat sweet, yet peppery Aleppo spice blend, called Datah, is unique to Syria.

The idea of making your own Syrian Spice blend is not a new one. Many Syrian cooks have their own special family mixture of spices, giving their dishes an individuality. When the spices are ground fresh, the result is always more potent and effective than purchasing the spices already ground. I have found that the purchased spice blends, often called Baharat, lost their fresh taste and aroma quickly or varied so much from Middle Eastern grocers or online sites. They are also sometimes hard to find. That’s one reason I’ve put this recipe into my second cookbook, Sitto’s Kitchen II on page 62.

I really recommend that you make your own blend. You’ll find that your own mixture means that it can be varied according to your own taste or that of your family’s. Some may prefer more allspice or cinnamon. Even as you make the basic mixture, tweaking it with your favorite accents will truly make it your own! In any case, it will be yours alone and will add a distinctive taste to these traditional old recipes. You’ll also find that the fragrance is amazing! In order to keep it fresh, pour the unused portion in a tightly closed glass jar, just like my Sitto did, many years ago.

Some of the recipes in my cookbooks that are enhanced with this distinctive Syrian Spice Blend, called Datah, are Tamarind Meatballs, Barbequed Lamb Cubes, Homemade Lamb Sausages, Meatloaf with Vegetables, Syrian Stuffed Peppers and Lamb Meatball and Carrot Stew. You’ll find that the aroma and taste of these dishes cannot be duplicated without the addition of this unique Syrian Spice Blend.