Kabob! Our Aleppo Burger!

Published October 14, 2019

We called our Aleppo Burgers, Kabob! I remember that this most versatile meat mixture Sitto would make was our Syrian version of a Burger. That wonderful ground lamb was mixed with allspice, some Datah spice, onions and parsley. This basic Kabob mixture, like Kibbe, was so easily made into a myriad of Syrian dishes. We all had our favorite versions of Kabob. When we put this delicious mix onto a skewer, we called it Kabob Al’ Sikh, which is Arabic for on-a-skewer. Somehow it tasted even better wound around one of Sitto’s time-worn skewers!

In actuality, it really was just a burger and like all burgers, the amount of seasonings and sides always depended upon the cook. In our Aleppo household, our favorite side was rice. But I can surely remember our picnics in nearby Garret Mountain with a charcoal grill going. All we needed was a round of Arab bread to un-thread the Kabob and tuck it into our pita pockets! Then Sitto would offer us fresh Jersey tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers in a mint yogurt dressing.

If you’re just getting started with Syrian cooking or are new to Middle Eastern meals, this basic Kabob meat mixture, our Aleppo Burger, will do you well. Whether it’s made on the grill, in the oven or on stove top fry pan, it’ll be a family favorite! The recipe for this delicious and traditional Kabob recipe is on page 80 of Sitto’s Kitchen II Cookbook. By the way, the recipe for her Syrian Spice Blend called Datah, is on page 62. You’ll love what it does for most dishes!